Diversify: Why Your Job Search Should Never Be Over


Remember that time that company went under and all those employees continued to get paid? Me neither. There is no such thing as complete job security regardless of how great the company you work for is. For the same reason you would not invest all of your money into one stock, you shouldn’t be depending on one employer for all of your future needs. 


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Obviously I’m not advocating disloyalty, but your employer can’t do much for you once you leave. What is your back up plan? Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep you afloat in the event your career capsizes.

1. Create an Emergency Fund – You need some time to find the right job. When you run out of money, you get desperate and end up taking whatever job comes along. That’s not good for you or your potential employer. Also, if you’re in a job you don’t like, you’re not stuck. Having that financial cushion of a few month’s pay can really empower you to make sure you’re doing what you love.

2. Network – Why would you ever stop networking? Some people are great at it when it’s necessary, but then stop once they start working. You want as many people to know how great you are all the time, not just when you’re looking for work. If you ever lost your job, you want people to always be thinking “wow, that guy was great! I hope he finds something soon.” When they see opportunities afterword, they’ll start thinking of you first.

3. Keep Up To Date on Job Search Collateral – Understand what you’re doing in your job and how it could be applied to other companies. Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated so if you need to start looking tomorrow, you can hit the road running.

I’m not trying to encourage people to be disloyal to their current employers, but don’t be complacent about your current status either. The company you work for may not be owned by the same person forever. Things happen, and when they do, you should be prepared. 

About the Author

1450177 10151969507545053 783627007 nScott Keenan is a Recruiter for Priority Personnel Inc., with several years’ experience recruiting in both the public and private sectors in addition to marketing and social media roles. As a self-described professional cynic, he provides unique insight into modern recruiting from both the recruiter and candidate’s perspective. You can follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn