Job Hunting? Stay Clear of These Common Mistakes

Job searching is a full time job, and more often than not it ends up eating up a lot of your time, frustrating you no end. Spending days, weeks and sometimes months to find the job that’s just the right fit can actually leave anyone with a bad taste in their mouth.  While recruiters blame skill shortages for not being able to find the right talent for open positions, sometimes it’s the candidate’s own silly mistakes that cost them a phone screen, interview or worse, the job. They leave hard-to-fill gaps in their job search strategy, which ultimately prove fatal in their job hunting:

Dream Job

Not updating your resume

If you think that simply adding a new job to your resume will do the trick you have got the wrong idea about updating a resume. There are scores of other things that catch a recruiter’s attention such as your objective, achievements, skills and competencies. If you are sending out a resume that has outdated sections it will, for one, put out feelers that you are not serious about the job application.  It  will also make sure that the recruiter remains ignorant of any skills or achievements that you might have earned at your most recent job but failed to mention in the resume, thus weakening your candidature.

Turning Amnesiac

An absent-minded applicant irritates recruiters infinitely. Whether it is turning up an hour late for the interview, failing to follow up after the interview, or not corresponding with the HR department through appropriate communication channels; such mistakes, while they may appear silly to the candidate, leave a lot to be desired. This lackadaisical attitude is one reason why many talented and qualified individual lose out on job opportunities that they might have easily landed.

Relying solely on online job postings

While the easiest way to apply to jobs is definitely job listing sites, job boards and companies official websites; the fact that many job seekers remain unaware of is that the best jobs are never advertised. The hidden job market, as people know it, is the source of some of the best employment opportunities. The only way to tap into these potential opportunities is networking. Reaching out to people in your professional network, friends, friends of friends, or professional acquaintances is an important step towards gaining an entry in the calling list of HR.

Having too optimistic salary expectations

With the world economy still in a state of flux, employers are really careful about who they hire, and more importantly about what they offer to their potential hires. Candidates who aren’t flexible enough to lower their expectations to the industry standards are, at best ignored. Every job has a salary range, and no matter how awesome you are, (unless you are a celebrated founder of a successful startup), chances are less that the recruiter will be willing to push the boundaries. That obviously doesn’t mean that you start undervaluing yourself. Just make an informed and well-reasoned decision.

Applying to too many jobs

More is good, but not always. Casting your net too wide will not only scatter your focus, but also lessen your chances of getting a call. You are not a fit everywhere and not good at everything. Failing to realize this and applying to every job that even remotely resembles your current job description is a strict no.

There are scores of other mistakes that a job seeker commits, mostly unknowingly, but the above described five are actually the most common reasons why people do not get their chosen jobs.  


About the Author 

Saurabh Tyagi is a blogger and a professional career author with proven expertise in writing for topics related to online job vacancy, job trends, various workplace and industry information, tips and strategies for job seekers.