Your Emergency Plan

In light Hurricane Arthur, I thought it was timely to discuss the importance of a communication/emergency plan. How did your organization function on Monday in light of power outages? Did your employees know who to contact to find out what their responsibilities were in making sure that you were still providing adequate service to your clients? Did some of your employees assume they were going to get the day off? Did some people come to work unnecessarily?


This might be an opportunity for you to get together with your team to discuss these issues. As a manager, this is a great opportunity for you to make sure your employees understand your stance on staying home due to weather or outages. Employees could be afraid to ask for time off, for fear of appearing lazy or entitled. Others might assume that if some offices are closed, yours will be too.

Your emergency plan should include the following emergencies:

·         Weather

·         Medical

·         Threat of Violence

·         Harmful Chemicals

·         Earthquake

·         Explosion

There are a host of great templates online to create action plans around the health and safety of your employees. How did your organization make out this weekend? 

About the Author 

Scott-Keenan-lgScott Keenan is a Recruiter for Priority Personnel Inc., with several years’ experience recruiting in both the public and private sectors in addition to marketing and social media roles. As a self-described professional cynic, he provides unique insight into modern recruiting from both the recruiter and candidate’s perspective. You can follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn