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Our customizable Career Transition programs are an invaluable tool intended to support human resources, management, and, most importantly, the employees who are exiting your organization. Our services will ensure that your outgoing employees are looked after during their search for new employment.

We will meet with you before information is released in order to plan for the most organized and caring meetings possible. After that, Priority is equipped with the tools and practitioners necessary to work alongside any employee impacted at any level of the organization. Our seasoned team is experienced in coaching individuals in one-on-one settings and are equally adept at executing workshops for larger scale downsizings.

Our service is a comprehensive support mechanism. Our commitment is to remain accessible to you and these individuals until they have found new employment or have decided that they have maximized their available service. Career Transition services are an effective way to show just how much your organization cares about individuals through all stages of the employment cycle.