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Here at Priority, your privacy is always top-of-mind. Keeping your personal information safe, secure, and confidential is of utmost importance to us. Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time, and you will be notified by email if it does.

Please note our legal name is Priority Personnel Inc. however, we operate as Priority.  


Collection and
Usage of Information

As an HR consulting firm, we are required at times to collect sensitive information. All client information is secured via password-protected software and all physical documents are kept under lock and key. This information is kept on file for as long as you are working with us, or longer if required by law. Never is any of your personal information provided to third parties outside of Priority without your prior consent.

or Removal
of Information

Upon request, clients or candidates can ask for their personal information to be updated or removed. After working with clients or candidates, all personal information is stored within our system unless stated otherwise.


All clients and candidates should be aware that through the use of cookies, personal information can be collected. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer’s browser directory. This allows for the movements you make on visited websites to be tracked, while also remembering your customized functions.

Here at Priority, however, we do not specifically use cookies as no login information is required. Additionally, if one chooses to prevent the usage of cookies from their personal computer, they will still be able to view all of our website content.

Third Party Access

Priority does not provide candidate’s profiles to any third parties. We pride ourselves in client confidentiality, keeping all personal information within the business.

We strive to protect all information that is provided to us from loss, misuse, and alteration. Priority has taken all the necessary measures to protect the security of all personal information.